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Links Manager II V 1.16
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This add-on is register_globals compatible

This is a replacement for the Links Manager contribution located at,1256.

- Added code to includes/modules/links_listing.php and missing classes
for sort heading problem with the standard listing box.
- Added code based on code submitted by rabbitseffort that presents
the link exchange information in the links submit page is an
easy-to-copy format.
- Added option to check for blacklisted words. The words are defined in
a new setting in admin->configuration->Links.
- Added option to disable reciprocal link checking for individual links.
- Added a count option to admin->Configuration->Links that will allow
links to be checked by the Check links script a number of times before
the link is disabled. This was needed since some sites may not be
working when the check is performed.
- Added checkboxes to Links Status page to easily change status to Approved.
- Added option of having nested categories.
- Added option of having no categories (for display - one in admin still
needs to exist).
- Added code to check for the existence of at least one category in
admin->Links Manger->Links. If not found, the code redirects to the
admin->Links Manger->Link Categories page.
- Added option to display link count, or not.
- Added option to create a new category from within the links edit page.
- Added link category name to the links page.
- Added login option to allow link partners to edit their own links.
- Added option to Featured Links so that a featured link will be displayed
on all link pages or just on the one it is listed for.
- Changed code so that the breadcrumb link has the session ID attached.
- Changed code in admin/links.pgp so search function works as expected.
- Changed code in admin/links.php to generate a normal link instead of
an SEO one, which was causing some sites problems. If you want that
ability, you should install Ultimate SEO with the update for Links Manager.
- Changed links_db_update.php script so that it will update the
admin->configuration->Links options while keeping the current settings in place.
- Changed code so that the categories description is displayed as a true
categories description on the page under the page heading.
- Fixed search code so it finds the links from any page
- Included fixes from partial updates and items mentioned in the
support thread.
- Removed extra code from links_check.php file to speed up checking.
- Removed the code for the Rating option since it was never implemented.
- Renamed to Links Manager II since the large amount of changes would
cause support problems.
- Made many small fixes and changes that are too numerous to mention.

This is a full version.

The support thread is at

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Links Manager II V 1.31 Jack_mcs 19 Jan 2015  

Added missing command to the database update file.
Added an index to the links table.
Added an extra language definition for approved links notifications.
Added code to the links display page on the shop to skip external images that are not present.
Changed the code on the links submit page that should result in faster checking.
Fixed the sorting on the admin links page so the main sorting option is reemembered with each column sort.

This is a full package.

The support thread is located at:

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in Verwendung mit Enable_disable_categories tritt Fehlermeldung "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tep_set_categories_status() (previously declared in" auf didilio 11 Sep 2007  
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