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Activation Code
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This contribution will make visitors need to activate their account after registration. Activation code is sent to new registered user email address.

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Activation Code v1.1 raiwa 8 Dec 2014  

- german and spanish translation completed
- separate language files for account_activate.php and account_activate_success.php
- added support for PayPal express option "checkout without account" (accounts created with that option will be flagged with customers_active_status set to true.
- spanish instructions from last upload added

Full package.

Activation Code 1.0 Spanish Translate Holly80 31 Aug 2013  
Activation Code v1.0 MyR 12 Feb 2010  
update via admin fix sublok 24 Dec 2009  
Activation Code FULL PACKAGE OL_1973 19 Dec 2009  
Small bug fix - ita version skipperit 5 Dec 2009  
ITA LANG MOD - Italiano skipperit 4 Dec 2009  
activate customer account by admin ken0306 2 Dec 2009  
Fix in account_activate.php Mojo47 14 Sep 2009  
French Translation menelrana 30 May 2009  
English and Greek included - Spanish French German and Italian Translation Needed teochris 18 May 2009  
Activation Code for Registration Madrid 16 Apr 2009  
Activation Code for Registration Madrid 10 Apr 2009  
Activation Code for Registration Madrid 7 Apr 2009  
Updated for osc 2.2rc2a FIMBLE 9 Sep 2008  
To notice faaliyet 29 Dec 2007  
This is fullpackage , with all updates faaliyet 3 Nov 2007  
Auto Fill Activation Code (Problem Fix) kocu 28 Sep 2007  
Auto Fill Activation Code kocu 27 Sep 2007  
Update Westland ICT 20 Sep 2007  
Activation Code kocu 26 Jun 2007