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PHPMailer for OsCommerce
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

PHPMailer lets the store owner send html email instead of plain text email that OsCommerce provided by default. PHPMailer also provides SMTP authentication so the user can use SMTP running on different server.

Hope this will help someone ;-{)

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Send Mails with authentification needed 30 Dec 2008  

If you need authentification on the mail server you have to add some few features to be allowed to send mails. This is compareable to the feature "Authentificate before SMTP" in your local mail program.

The PHPmailer Class uses the attributes Username, Password and SMTPAuth. We will fill them with the necessary information.

Step 1:
Install "PHPMailer for OsCommerce" as it is explained before.

Step 2:

In the files


define('SMTP_MAIL_SERVER', '');
define('SMTP_PORT_NUMBER', '25');
define('SMTP_SENDMAIL_FROM', ' ');
define('SMTP_FROMEMAIL_NAME', 'store owner name');

and replace with:

define('SMTP_MAIL_SERVER', ''); define('SMTP_PORT_NUMBER', '25');
define('SMTP_SENDMAIL_FROM', ' ');
define('SMTP_SENDMAIL_USERNAME', 'valid username for mail server');
define('SMTP_SENDMAIL_PASSWORD', 'valid password for mail server');
define('SMTP_SENDMAIL_SMTPAUTH', 'true');
define('SMTP_FROMEMAIL_NAME', 'store owner name');

Step 3:
In the files:


$message->Host = SMTP_MAIL_SERVER; // SMTP server

and replace with:

$message->Host = SMTP_MAIL_SERVER; // SMTP server
$message->Username = SMTP_SENDMAIL_USERNAME; // SMTP server username
$message->Password = SMTP_SENDMAIL_PASSWORD; // SMTP server password
$message->SMTPAuth = "true";


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