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MoneyBookers IPN
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

The MoneyBookers payment processing module was altered and enhanced by a facility to have MoneyBookers gateway submit confirmation of payment back to an osCommerce-based online store.

The module is certified by MoneyBookers. Detailed installation manual can be found at:

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Moneybookers Qick Checkout IPN for OSC 2.3 der.brain 26 Apr 2011  

This is a fixed version for Moneybookers Quick Checkout IPN and works up to 2.3 (not 3.0 or above). If your Version always show red erros in admin module and the field for the "Secret Word" does not show up you should update to this version.

All credits go to the origanal authors i just does a few adjustments to the moneybooker changes.

Know Issues:

1. Translation has to be done.
2. Tep Stop Error can show up if a customers leave the moneybookers iframe without pressing the cancel button in the moneybookers iframe. A check is needed before writing to the moneybookers datafield if field already exists it has to be deleted first! Even in the original moneybookers version no one takes care of this.

Best Regards

Moneybookers Payment Modul nofx_sk8 10 Feb 2011  
Moneybookers Official Module Corrected luckyno 8 Aug 2010  
Moneybookers Official Module Moneybookers_Team 19 May 2010  
Update SQL file -- ONLY if you get SQL errors ambishop 7 Apr 2010  
Please use last package luckyno 2 Mar 2010  
MoneyBookers IPN v2.1 for osC MS2.2 RC2a luckyno 2 Mar 2010  
MoneyBookers IPN v2 for osC MS2.2 RC2a dr_lucas 26 Jul 2009  
Error when order total is above 999.99 4 Jun 2009  
MoneyBookers IPN bugfix and Split gateway nofx_sk8 22 Jan 2009  
Minor SQL Error - FIXED!! latest 25 Oct 2008  
Moneybookers IPN robertadcran 28 Mar 2008  
MoneyBookers IPN datalink 12 Jun 2007