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Payment Information PopUp
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

To start with I am have no real knowledge of PHP so this will require a bit
(or a lot) of work from one of you guys. The main reason that I am sharing
this is because I feel it is a good idea that needs improvment.

It all started when one of my customers asked me about NoChex as he had not
heard of them before, so I set out to make the payment methods more clear.

This is written in PHP but as I no little about PHP they are as good as a
static web page written in HTML! The reason they are written in PHP is
because it is a start to making them more dynamic (i.e. to use the language
selection to change language). This I do not know about so it is down to
somebody else to help out here - or for me to fumble my way through learning
PHP (which I would like to do anyway).

To install simply copy the files to their appropriate directory.

Once installed you will be presented with a link on the checkout_payment.php
page asking if you would like to know more about these payment methods.

Once clicked a popup window will appear with information about the payment
methods that you use, as I say this is as good as a static web page so it
will only display PayPal and NoChex and wont automatically show or hide
payment methods depending on what your shop takes.

Have fun and please upload any improvements that you make!

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Payment Information Popup v1.2a bjcworks 15 Aug 2008  

This contribution provides popup help for configured payment modules in MS2.2

A few general changes for this update:
- converted catalog/popup_payment_help.php to standard MS2.2 RC2a format
- corrected a few typos

Payment Information Popup v1.2 bjcworks 14 Jul 2008  
Payment Information Popup v1.1 bjcworks 22 Jan 2008  
Payment Information PopUp val-ent 28 Feb 2007