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A Better Than Half Buttons (Braveheart)
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Title: Buttons (aqua red) Braveheart

"... and the home of the brave"

Created Date: Feb 26, 2007
For osCommerce 2.2-MS2
Using Adobe Photoshop CS2

Before download, Please take note:
- Text on top button simplified (see details), Text size 10px Bold
- Normal Buttons size 80x20, Small Buttons size 49x20, icons 32x32
- Perfect with light color background

- Replace button images in "../catalog/includes/languages/english/images/buttons/"

1.button_back.gif >> Back
2.button_buy_now.gif >> Add To Cart
3.button_change_address.gif >> Change
4.button_checkout.gif >> Checkout
5.button_confirm_order.gif >> Confirm
6.button_continue.gif >> Continue
7.button_continue_shopping.gif >> Continue
8.button_delete.gif >> Delete
9.button_edit_account.gif >> Edit
10.button_history.gif >> History
11.button_in_cart.gif >> Add To Cart
12.button_login.gif >> Sign In
13.button_notifications.gif >> Notification
14.button_remove_notifications.gif >> Remove
15.button_reviews.gif >> Reviews
16.button_search.gif >> search
17.button_shipping_options.gif >> Options
18.button_update.gif >> Update
19.button_update_cart.gif >> Update
20.button_add_address.gif >> Add New
21.button_write_review.gif >> Write
22.button_address_book.gif >> Details
23.Small_delete.gif >> delete (half normal size)
24.Small_view.gif >> view (half normal size)
25.Small_edit.gif >> edit (half normal size)
26.button_quick_find.gif >> Icon - Linspire Clear (find)
27.button_tell_a_friend.gif >> - Icon - Linspire Clear (annoucement)

"Enjoy! - send me feedback"

By: syrimo

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Braveheart Stars 26 Feb 2007  

"Twinkle-twinkle little star"

- Replace stars_*.gif in catalog/images
- Perfect with Light background shop



A Better Than Half Buttons (Braveheart) 25 Feb 2007