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News Blog V 1.0
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This contribution is sort of a news blog. You can make new articles from the admin section of Oscommerce. Users can add comments to your articles. You have complete editing control in the admin section.
Every article is sorted by date in the store and the admin section. I used the mysql SELECT DISTINCT function to sort the dates. It has a static automatic RSS feed function. When you write a new article all you have to do click "Create RSS" and your done. Users will always be up to date. See the preview pics in the preview folder.

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fix for version NEWS BLOG V1.5 30 Nov 2010  

someone forgot "}" in news.php
thats why all news was not working
now news.php is fixed

and for rss.php I replaced
echo "<?xml version='1.0' ?>

echo "<?xml version='1.0' encoding='windows-1251'?>

to support win1251 codding

added file includesmodulessts_incsts_column_left.php
with newsbox tag to support sts

NEW BLOG V1.5 Title SEO Added 30 Jan 2010  
News Blog V 1.5 27 Jan 2009  
Tweak per-50kata + WISIWYG 9 Feb 2008  
Subtitle tweak 10 Jan 2008  
News BLog V 1.4 29 Jan 2007  
Blog V 1.4 24 Jan 2007  
Blog V 1.4 24 Jan 2007  
News Blog V 1.0 with Update 23 Jan 2007  
News Blog V 1.2 22 Jan 2007  
News Blog V 1.0 19 Jan 2007