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for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This script is not entirely finished. We have some bugs here and there pluss it does need some modifications to be e perfect script.

What does it do:
- Place items out for auction from admin panel
(you can chose item, time for auction, price etc.)
- customer can place bids (must log in)
( you have a own sections for all the auctions you have on you site)

This script is excellent for you pleople who are just selling 1x of a items or want to get some more action on you website. Good luck, and I hope this can end up beeing a much better script then what it is now.

CHECK WWW.BELTESPENNER.COM for live working script!

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Auctions 2.1 by Dan Herlihy psylencer 23 Apr 2008  

Please see this link for the current contribution. I will not support this contrib (Version 1.X) any more as much of the content is obsolete.

All support for the new contrib is now at

Full credit goes to the original authors.

Change of Folder psylencer 16 Apr 2008  
Auctions 2.0.4 BETA psylencer 4 Apr 2008  
AUCTIONS 2.0.35 psylencer 4 Apr 2008  
Auction 2.0.3 BETA psylencer 3 Apr 2008  
Auctions 2.0.2 BETA psylencer 1 Apr 2008  
Auctions 2.0.1 BETA psylencer 1 Apr 2008  
Auctions 2.0 BETA psylencer 30 Mar 2008  
again correction azer 30 Mar 2008  
correction to extra function in general.php azer 30 Mar 2008  
extra funtion in general.php marcusdesign 4 Sep 2007  
Auctions v1.4.4 marcusdesign 3 Jul 2007  
solved problem with countdown script marcusdesign 3 Jul 2007  
Auctions v1.4.3 sopinon 24 May 2007  
Bug fixes noppie 18 Mar 2007  
Auction v1.4.2 marcusdesign 21 Feb 2007  
correction: patch for countdown wolfey 9 Feb 2007  
patch for countdown script wolfey 9 Feb 2007  
Auction_v1.4 - full gregy 30 Dec 2006  
missing file for auction v1.4 marcusdesign 16 Nov 2006  
Auction v1.4 marcusdesign 16 Nov 2006  
Auctions Version 1.3 - Complete Package deathgod 13 Nov 2006  
Auction v1.2a - Complete package marcusdesign 9 Nov 2006  
Auction v1.2 marcusdesign 9 Nov 2006  
Auctions Version 1.1 - Complete package deathgod 8 Nov 2006  
Contribution Support - deathgod 8 Nov 2006  
Auctions celdish 8 Nov 2006