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pbpBB2 and osC shared account creation
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This is a variation of chaveiro's PHPBB 2.0.8a implementation.

It creates one account for forum and cart. By forcing forum users to register via the cart registrationform. Upon registration, customer can choose to go to forum or cart. Login is needed in the forum. But login name is email and password from the cart registration.

This implementation uses the newest phpbb2.21 and osCommerce 2.2.

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sql update lyonsperf 12 Aug 2008  

The sql file was incorrect for the latest version of mysql. It should read as follows:
create table trans_phpbb ( osCsid char(32)not null default '', sess_uid int(11)not null default '0', sess_uip char(8)not null default '', sess_logged int(1)not null default '0' , sess_trans char(32)not null default '' , primary key (sess_uid))
zip file is empty

phpBB2.0.22 Integration v1.3 AlexStudio 6 Feb 2007  
phpBB2.0.22 Integration v1.2 AlexStudio 23 Jan 2007  
phpBB2.0.22 Integration v1.1 AlexStudio 13 Jan 2007  
phpBB2.0.22 Integration v1.0 fix 1 AlexStudio 27 Dec 2006  
phpBB2.0.22 Integration v1.0 fix AlexStudio 27 Dec 2006  
phpBB2.0.22 Integration v1.0 AlexStudio 27 Dec 2006  
v 0.2 anderskiel 25 Sep 2006  
pbpBB2 and osC shared account creation anderskiel 1 Sep 2006