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Google Base and Edgeio data feed
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This module will feed your inventory into Googlebase/Froogle and, or if you like you can use Edgeio only feed that will downstream your inventory to a multitude of other channels including Googlebase and froogle. This script produces a RSS 2 compatible feed that potentially can be used somewhere else.

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Namespace mods edgeio 22 Jun 2007  

find line that reads:
<rss version="2.0" xmlns:edgeio="http://www.edgeio/com/api/v1">

and change to

<rss version="2.0" xmlns:edgeio="">

I've included full file

RSS enable your site AllenConquest 17 May 2007  
Update for CRELoaded ggbig 10 Apr 2007  
version 1.8 explained edgeio 16 Aug 2006  
version 1.8 edgeio 15 Aug 2006  
Google base-Edgeio+SEO urls lolati 13 Jul 2006  
Version 1.7 edgeio 11 Jul 2006  
Version 1.5 edgeio 22 Jun 2006  
Version 1.2 edgeio 16 Jun 2006  
ver 1.4 edgeio 30 May 2006  
ver 1.3 edgeio 30 May 2006  
Latest release edgeio 29 May 2006  
BUg Fix edgeio 29 May 2006  
Google Base and Edgeio data feed edgeio 26 May 2006