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"Dynamenu" for osCommerce - Dynamic Fly-Out, Drop-Down, Tree Category Menu
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Dynamenu is an add-in box which will display your categories as a DTHML horizontal drop-down or vertical fly-out menu, an expandable/collapsable tree menu, or even as plain vertical or horizontal menus. The main file includes easy to set options to set the type of menu you desire and the way it behaves. With dynamenu, you can even opt not to display it in the usual "box" so that it can be seamlessly integrated with your store template for a truly custom look!

Dynamenu is powered by the excellent PHP Layers Menu library which has been extensively tested for cross-browser compatibility and is driven by a well-commented stylesheet to make it easy to modify. Most menus use Javascript but are rendered on-the-fly as HTML, so they fall back nicely for the poor souls without Javascript enabled.

Sorry, can't post a link to a demo, but if you search Google for Dynamenu or PHP Layers Menu, it won't be hard to find ;)

A forum thread has been started here:
for your feedback, questions or if you want to show off your new menu!

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Choose the menu type from admin v2 27 Jan 2010  

If you have "products in Dynamenu" by TracyS (21.2.2007) installed then this addon here gives you even more control
What this modification do:

It permits you to choose the menu type you like (plain, tree, flyout etc) via your admin panel. So you don't need to go each time you want to change something to the files themselves.

It permits you to choose to show products or not in the Dynamenu

If you have the modification "Dynamenu for articles" installed, you have the same options for articles too

1) You need to have Dynamenu installed
2) You need to have "products in Dynamenu" by TracyS (21.2.2007) installed
All credits to the original author "nate_02631" and TacyS for products in Dymamenu addition


Choose the menu type from admin 27 Jan 2010  
Dynamenu for Article Manager 27 Jan 2010  
Replace STS category box with dynamenu in STS template 27 Mar 2009  
want to hide categories that don't have any products with status 1 (all products are out of stock)? 26 Feb 2009  
Modified box frame 5 Mar 2008  
Template Fly Out 1 Mar 2008  
Fix for Multi-Stores multiple shop system 19 Jan 2008  
drop down menu 17 Dec 2007  
Correction for bug not opening the first collapsed branch 25 Nov 2007  
Hidden DIV Whitespace Fix 23 Nov 2007  
Vertical Fly-out Problem with Opera 12 Oct 2007  
Hide subcategories (update) 26 Sep 2007  
New templates for Dynamenu 26 Aug 2007  
Product Name Limiter 5 Apr 2007  
IE / Opera compatibility 15 Mar 2007  
Products in DynaMenu Too 21 Feb 2007  
"Dynamenu" for osCommerce v1.11 "Missing Images" update 27 May 2006  
"Dynamenu" for osCommerce v1.1 update 18 May 2006  
"Dynamenu" for osCommerce - Dynamic Fly-Out, Drop-Down, Tree Category Menu 11 May 2006