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Time Zone Offset - Adjust to match your location
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2


This module allows you to set a time zone offset into the cart if you are in a situation where your store is in a different time zone from the server on which it is hosted. (For example, your store is based in Australia but is hosted on a server in the USA.) This situation can become a problem for accounting because order dates will not be accurate for the store time zone.
The module will also make the entire store and admin display the right date and time of your real location.

The module inserts a new configuration key into the database that sets the value of the time zone difference. The offset value is set from Admin>Configuration>My Store>Time Zone Offset.

All orders will have their 'date_purchased' value corrected for the timezone difference when they are inserted into the database. This corrected value will be displayed on all admin pages, on the customer's 'My Account' page

Need to work on: Make it display the right date in order confirmation and order status update emails (code is located in checkout_process.php). I couldn't do that. Any help will be appreciated.

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Full latest package with addition of New Zealand Time Zone bigbob 30 Jun 2007  

I have just added the details of the New Zealand time zone to the previous complete package complete. I have removed the update file as anyone who is installing for the first time would not need this file now. There are just two files, a licence and a readme which has all the install details. Thanks to the previous contributors for a fantastic contribtion, it was exactly what I needed :o)

Problem with date purchased not showing is fixed marty_mcfly 4 Sep 2006  
Added support for other elements of osCommerce marty_mcfly 2 Sep 2006  
Time Zone Offset - Adjust to match your location dr_lucas 9 Apr 2006