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UK Counties (Actually Correct!)
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

2006 Update!!!

Looking through all of the other zone files for the UK, I couldn't find one that looked like it made much sense. So I came up with the brilliant idea of writing one of my own. Hope you like it. It took me a whopping 30 minutes of research and 2 hours of typing, cutting, and pasting from places that actually know where the post in the UK is going, rather than simply the common name for it. Many other packages were either outdated or were missing minor areas... such as London.

This file includes zone information for England, North Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and the Channel Islands, and the Offshore Dependencies. If there are any errors in it, blame me. I didn't check for them. Better yet, correct them and add your file to this contrib. Enjoy!

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Version 2 Uk-Webmaster 27 Mar 2009  

This is a simpler way to install these files, previously there were several different sets, also some that were missing, now they are all in the one file.

some stated UA wales, changed to UK wales.
Added the readme previously shown on the pages below.

Two files inside The Zip.

coming soon version 2.1, Creating an installation file, (no need to open up phpmyadmin)

All 33 Scottish counties purpleKate 26 Nov 2008  
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UK Counties (Actually Correct!) rjenson 8 Apr 2006