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MVS V1.0
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

What this Contribution Does:

This contribution changes the way osCommerce handles shipping. You can now set the shipping
parameters for each product individually. All of the following (and more) are possible:

1. Most products ship by a selection of standard shipping methods, but certain large and heavy items
ship by truck.
2. Products ship from one of two or more locations.
3. Some products ship by a selection of standard shipping methods, some must ship by a specific
method, others ship directly from several different suppliers.
4. Any combination of the above.

You can have orders sent directly to your supplier in the case of products that are shipped directly
from that supplier.

All of the necessary settings are controlled in the admin panel. There is an Admin page to set up
each Vendor (or shipper, or shipping method). There is an Admin panel for setting shipping modules
for each vendor, similar to the Shipping Modules page in the current Admin. There is also a
configuration setting to turn this whole Contribution off if it is no longer needed. In Admin->Configuration->Shipping/Packaging.

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MVS V1.3 21 Feb 2015  

Updated for use with osCommerce 2.3.4

All bug reports please use:


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