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Visitor Web Stats
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This is the latest version of Visitor Web Stats by Ian-San. The only difference in this version is I've cleaned out all of the hotlinked images, stylesheets, and tracking code that he placed in the readme.html, version.html, and admin/visitors.php files so that this contribution is now compliant with the rules.

All credit goes to Ian-San for making one of the most popular and most utilized OSC contributions around.

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Optimize site speed scranmer 21 Mar 2009  

Minor mod. If you find your store running slow due to lots of visitors, try these DB mods

ALTER TABLE `visitors` ADD INDEX ( `customers_id` ) ;
ALTER TABLE `visitors_trace` ADD INDEX ( `browser_ip` ) ;

Czech language msvabik 6 Sep 2007  
Small fix sting01 6 Sep 2007  
Visitor Web Stats 3.2.1 Drako 24 Jul 2007  
v3.2 homewetbar 23 Jul 2007  
Make this work with register globals off & Time Zone offset mod dr_lucas 23 Jun 2007  
Visitors Web Stats 3.1.3b milerwan 4 Jun 2007  
Visitor Web Stats 3.1.2 kinetek 26 Feb 2007  
Visitor Web Stats 3.1.1 - update mfg 24 Dec 2006  
Visitor Web Stats 3.1 azer 18 Mar 2006  
Visitor Web Stats 3a Phocea 15 Mar 2006  
Visitor Web Stats v3.0 Phocea 14 Mar 2006  
Visitor Web Stats dynamoeffects 28 Feb 2006