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PHPList for OsCommerce
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This is a contribution I found on the phplist forums.

Basically, it changes the newsletter options built-in to OsCommerce, with the PHPList database instead.

NOTE: I did not write this contribution. I have simply put it on OsCommerce for everyone to use.

I am going to change this so that on my Contact Us page, it gives the option to subscribe to the newsletter also.

Installation instructions are enclosed.

View the support thread here:

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Custom Submit Form 1 minut install 20 Oct 2010  

This file is the CUSTOM made submit form for Phplist newsletter..

1minut install..
File already made to upload.
READ README first ;)

Import script valguss 15 May 2008  
phplist for oscommerce 0.6.2 Hade 26 Apr 2007  
phplist for oscommerce 0.6.1 samoth 29 Mar 2006  
PHPList for OsCommerce higgalls 24 Jan 2006