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Supertracker v3.1a
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

The supertracker contrib is designed to give you more information on which to base marketing decisions for your osCommerce store. I created the supertracker contrib because, although there were some contribs around that provide a more detailed who's online tool, nothing quite gave me the information I was after.

Here is the information that is recorded for each customer arriving at your site:

referring page
referring query (so we can get at keywords used if search engine)
landing page (including query string - important for Pay Per Click campaign assessment)
arrival time
exit time
exit page
IP address
country code / country name
customer's cart contents
Number of clicks on the site (accuracy is not 100% as this is recorded based on session ID)
Categories Viewed
Products viewed
Customer ID (if signed in)
Order ID (if order was placed)
Were products added to cart (true/false)
Did the customer Checkout (true/false)

This is a full install package as the existing contribution mysteriously vanished a week or so ago.

Existing users are strongly advised to upgrade their installations - there is a just one file to replace if you are running the previous version.

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Supertracker 3.5.1. update raiwa 27 Aug 2012  

Same as before plus "Customers Cart Content"admin language support added.
So it will show now categories, products and customers cart products in "Last Ten Site Visitors" in the selected admin language.

Only replace: admin/supertracker.php

This file included - NOT a full package

Supertracker 3.5.1. update raiwa 26 Aug 2012  
Supertracker 3.5 for OSC 2.2. raiwa 21 Jun 2011  
flags reflex-ocasion 3 Mar 2011  
V2.3.1 fix for admin menu not full package ihatedeskjets 27 Feb 2011  
Bugfix SuperTracker 3.4 and PDF Customer Invoice Richard Cranium 1 Mar 2010  
SuperTracker 3.4.1 CityLite Upgrade Munchies 1 Mar 2010  
Supertracker 3.4.1 analysis upgrade fruchtge 23 Feb 2010  
8 products viewed per row in admn andre88uk 1 Feb 2010  
Supertracker 3.4 CityLite upgrade Fix Munchies 30 Jan 2010  
Supertracker 3.4 CityLite upgrade Munchies 30 Jan 2010  
Supertracker v3.4 update listings sijo 30 Jan 2010  
Traducción Español oscarsibon 28 Sep 2009  
Traduction en français de SuperTracker v3.4 didlou 17 Jul 2009  
Supertracker v3.4 next_ten_results fix (forgot the button) teochris 22 Jun 2009  
Supertracker v3.4 next_ten_results fix teochris 22 Jun 2009  
Missing File (Complete Package) misterbling 25 Feb 2009  
Supertracker v3.4 olsonsp4c 3 Feb 2009  
Supertracker 3.3 stragami 9 Jan 2009  
Supertracker v3.3 olsonsp4c 20 Dec 2008  
Language Italian lupinvv 25 Jul 2008  
Language Italian lupinvv 25 Jul 2008  
Agent update mbuswell 22 Oct 2007  
v3.1b with Agent(or sales rep) Tracking mbuswell 20 Oct 2007  
Security FIX - SQL Injection createvideo 21 Sep 2006  
Supertracker v3.2b mr_absinthe 21 Mar 2006  
Supertracker v3.2a Monika in Germany 20 Mar 2006  
Supertracker v3.2 azer 13 Jan 2006  
Supertracker v3.1a equilla 11 Jan 2006