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# Professional Button Replacements #
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Anybody out there?!?

I was trying to figure out a way to help out everyone else because this program is so freakin sweet, but i dont know PHP very well. I do, however, know my way around photoshop quite well and i designed a few new buttons to replace the horrible clipart images that come stock.

The person(s) who wrote this program are geniuses, but geniuses often do not have artistic ability, thats why i leave the code to them :). You guys are great, dont take this the wrong way.

So, attached here is a package that will replace the images that appear in the corners with a much more professional image. There is also a set of images that replace all the "add to cart" blue-style buttons.

Thanks to all! Good luck!


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cool button sharq 16 Dec 2006  

hi there..
This is my 1st contibution in here. I dont know php, but i know a little about fireworks. I change the color to 'not so brownies color'. Thanx to rivalgraphix and the others.

U can see the example at



Same buttons but blue akachan 16 Sep 2006  
Nieuwe_knoppen_1_2 roadkill 6 Jun 2006  
Catalan and Spanish krampak 26 May 2006  
Missing Font rivalgraphix 7 Apr 2006  
Romanian andreibaboi 12 Mar 2006  
# Professional Button Replacements # rivalgraphix 11 Jan 2006