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Account Agreement Checkbox
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This is a simple contribution that creates a checkbox on the create new account form which to user must check to indicate that they agree to the term and conditions, or other user defined site policy.

This is a complete package that includes full install instructions, and SQL change.

Difficulty of install: EASY
Approximate time: 5-10 minutes

Hopefully you find this contribution useful! This is my first contribution, so I apologize in advance for any missing or incorrect information.

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Account Agreement Checkbox Multilanguage support stef0599 16 Jun 2007  

Just small changes to the files of 1.3.0 adding complete Multi Language support, supporting Mozilla browser without Header lines adding and hints how to install with parallel Must_agree_to_terms contrib.

complete package.

Version 1.3 olsonsp4c 20 Apr 2007  
Account Agreement Checkbox 1.2.0 (Includes Admin functionality) lrparr 16 Jan 2006  
Account Agreement Checkbox 1.2.0 (Includes Admin functionality) lrparr 11 Jan 2006  
Syntax Error Fix Brandon8583 10 Jan 2006  
Account Agreement Checkbox lrparr 31 Dec 2005