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Wordpress Integration
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

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For my upcoming store I wanted more then just a similar themed blog section. I wanted a more integrated feel. So, I decided to do away with the 'customer greeting' on the osCommerce index
page and replaced it with the latest post from a Wordpress blog running on the same MySQL database.

There is a small example picture in the zip.

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Version 1.28 15 May 2008  

Corrected to accommodate "pending" Wordpress posts. Full package.

Update for Wordpress Version 2.3.3 - Full Package 22 Mar 2008  
Wordpress Integration 1.26 3 Jan 2008  
Wordpress Integration 1.25 2 Jan 2008  
tutorial, this does not worked for me 1 Jan 2008  
Wordpress Integration Version 1.2 27 Oct 2006  
Wordpress Integration - blog page and 10 posts 4 Aug 2006  
Wordpress Integration Version 1.1 30 Dec 2005  
Wordpress Integration 24 Dec 2005