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for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Customers come and go all the time - it's a fact of life. Another fact is that customers may browse to your site through a search engine index or Adsense link but next time they want to find you those links may not be there.
Why not get customers to bokkmark you, and never have to remember where they found you months before?

This contribution puts between 1-5 links on your page with any or all of these options:

? Bookmark site
? Bookmark page
? Bookmark url 1 you specify
? Bookmark url 2 you specify
? Bookmark url 3 you specify

Works with Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape and Firefox. Cross browser compatible. This is NOT my code, it is merely a rework of some code in my Mambo installation.

Known bug: this is a bug with Firefox. Bookmark opens in a sidebar!

Have fun and good selling.


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Install Instructions dfield22 12 Jan 2007  

Not so much a contribution but corrected installation instructions and provided a little more detail **see file install.htm

This is full package... I left original files in package and simply added install.htm

Small Fix crashwave 19 Jul 2006  
Bookmark Us frankl 1 Dec 2005