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Date of Birth PullDown
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

******************Pulldown Date Of Birth V1.0********************

This little contribution makes a pulldown menu to set the date of birth for customers.
Normally users have to type in the exact date like the example, if not the user is not able to register
and thuss will leave the site because he / she can't register.

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Pulldown Date of Birth v1.7.1 raiwa 27 Apr 2014  

1.7 by @raiwa
- date entry order is set to the date format of the language file and supports all date formats (d/m/Y, m/d/Y, Y/m/d)
- textconstants "day", "month", "Year" added to show as default labels. This avoids dob validation if the customer didn't change the default values.
- german and spanish translation added.

1.7.1 by @raiwa
- fixes in optional admin installation

Pulldown Date of Birth v1.7 raiwa 26 Apr 2014  
Pulldown Date of Birth v1.6.1 alman 16 Oct 2009  
Pulldown Date Of Birth V1.6 spooks 18 Aug 2009  
Pulldown Date Of Birth V1.5 spooks 7 Apr 2008  
Pulldown Date Of Birth V1.4 spooks 4 Apr 2008  
Fix nunoxyz 3 Apr 2008  
Browser problem chrish123 25 Mar 2008  
small update for previous package faaliyet 13 Feb 2008  
Update for last Mod tigerrd 3 Feb 2008  
Date of Birth PullDown 1.3 BehrendsTech 3 Feb 2008  
month names in language file fixed faaliyet 3 Nov 2007  
Date of Birth pulldown mariamu2 23 Oct 2007  
Pulldown Date Of Birth V1.1 for EU date format (dd-mm-yyyy) stores Inferos 10 Sep 2007  
Pulldown 2.1.1 webschiff 23 Mar 2006  
Date of Birth PullDown 1.1 webshop 4 Mar 2006  
Date of Birth PullDown webshop 24 Nov 2005