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Blacklist V 1.1
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This add-on is register_globals compatible

This contribution allows the shop owner to "Blacklist" certain customers. They can be banned completely from logging on. Or, if
allowed to logon, or if they create a new account, all entries in their address book will be monitored for usage upon checkout. If an address is used, the shop owner is notified via email.

Originally suggested by Chris de Jong.

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Blacklist V 1.3 Jack_mcs 20 Aug 2016  

Changed many aspects of the GUI.
Fixed a problem where customers with three or more names failed.
Fixed problem where comments would not show up when
blacklisting a customer if he were the frist customer.
Added Index to SQL table.

The support thread is at:

Little modification LeorLindel 10 Feb 2010  
Omission of two files LeorLindel 10 Feb 2010  
BlackList with french v.3 LeorLindel 10 Feb 2010  
Option to ban IP Mojo47 19 Sep 2009  
Blacklist V 1.2 Jack_mcs 16 Oct 2005  
Blacklist V 1.1 Jack_mcs 3 Oct 2005