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Active Countries
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Active Countries contribution offers control of the countries table through the osc admin cpanel. In addition the contribution automatically filters the associated states (when present) of the selected country. This approach eliminates selection difficulties visitors experience during the registration process and has no active script dependencies. Multiple modifications are done on the catalog side, to address the 4 areas a user can alter the country information. Those are in the create account, address book change, payment address and shipping address.

If only one country is enabled the country drop-down list is replaced by simple text while the requirement asterisk is removed.

Live example urls available in the contribution readme file.

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Active Countries v2.11 enigma1 31 Mar 2007  

This version includes 2 bug fixes
- Added corrected sql file into the 2.11 archive.
- Added missing strings into catalogadminincludeslanguagesenglishcountries.php

This is a complete package

v2.10 sql file enigma1 12 Mar 2007  
Active Countries v2.10 enigma1 8 Mar 2007  
Active Countries - World Zones Patty 30 Jan 2007  
Active Countries v2.02 enigma1 29 Jan 2007  
Active Countries v2.01 enigma1 12 Jan 2007  
Active Countries V2.00 enigma1 8 Jun 2006  
Revised Readme erikwoods 2 Oct 2005  
Fix for re-directs pnkranger 2 Oct 2005  
Active Countries v1.01 enigma1 1 Oct 2005  
Active Countries + sql enigma1 1 Oct 2005  
Active Countries enigma1 30 Sep 2005