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for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This hack helps you to save a lot of time to setup products options.
Just generate products-options-lists and assign them to the products of your choice.
Now you are able to share a single options-list between multiple products.

You had the choice between selected lists for a single product (mostly a new one) or lists to already existing products....
lists -> products
products -> lists

If you change prices or add an other product-option it will affect all products where this list is assigned to.....

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AttributesWizzard 0.14 19 Nov 2005  

Changes to the price_update.php.
This version resolves the problem with the price list administration that happend in some shops with not enough permissions in the admin directory.
To update read the UPDATE file in this package.

This fix includes the complete packacke of "AttributesWizzard Version 0.14".

There is a support thread opened for this contribution.

A manual with screenshots you can dowload here:

AttributesWizzard 0.13 6 Nov 2005  
AttributesWizzard 0.12 8 Oct 2005  
AttributesWizzard 0.11 3 Oct 2005  
AttributesWizzard with licence 27 Sep 2005  
AttributesWizzard 26 Sep 2005