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Display MSRP & Savings
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This modification allows you to show that your store price is lower than the manufacturer's suggested retail price. If your price is the same as or higher than the MSRP then the MSRP will not be displayed. The customer's savings will also be displayed if it applies. Savings is based on the MSRP if it applies or on the selling price if a sale price is in effect.

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MSRP & Specials 20 Jun 2009  

A minor tweak to the labels in the product info page to show that the "Usual" price - which is less than the MSRP - has been disounted further as a Secial price.

The label for the savings amont has also been changed to show the disount % is off the MRSP not the Usual price.

Display MSRP & Savings for RC2 25 Mar 2009  
Display MSRP & Savings RC2 13 Mar 2009  
Display MSRP & Savings 21 Jun 2008  
Display MSRP & Savings 17 Jun 2008  
Display MSRP & Savings for RC2 25 Apr 2008  
Display MSRP & Savings expanded 21 Jul 2007  
Display MSRP & Savings expanded 19 Jul 2007  
Percent Saved Only 13 Jan 2006  
Percent saved update 12 Jan 2006  
Added: % saved 11 Jan 2006  
Display MSRP & Savings 22 Sep 2005