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Administration Categories Enhancement
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This modification allows the product preview to display the same thing that a person visiting your web site will see when they view the product. As written the preview doesn't display the special price that might apply to a product. For a brand new product that you have just entered this doesn't matter since a special price cannot exist for it yet. However, if you are editing a previously entered product then it is entirely possible that the product may have a sale price that applies to it. With this enhancement the preview will now show the sale price just as it will appear to the people browsing your web site.

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Administration Categories Enhancement 10 Sep 2005  

Modification to the original Administration Categories Enhancement that now displays any special prices both in the product preview and in the product information box next the the product listing. Complete instructions and replacement files are attached.

Administration Categories Enhancement 26 Aug 2005