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osCMS v0.1
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This contribution is the very simple but powerful osCommerce Content Management System. It allows to define and modify text on osCommerce shop pages to end-user .
For the first time it can do very simple content management but a lot of userfull features can be added in the next versions.
Anyway I hope osCommerce 3.x will be powerful enough in this field.

This contribution was added because I was unable to find any cms addon I can use. All addons weren't maden in professional way and I just lost the time to try them and nothing more!

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osCMS v0.2 bashconsole 24 May 2010  

Please ignore the latest two messages made by qzi.umar because these "improvements" does not have any relations to osCMS at all. I tried to remove that packaged but I cannot get a password to my old account.
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osCMS v0.1 h0b0s 26 Aug 2005