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Newsletter Products
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

For those who don't use IE, and therefore can't/don't want to use the WYSIWYG contribution. This is a simple html newsletter email that sends an html email with pictures and links to those receiving email. Uses product selection boxes when creating email. Templates can also be used to display the content of the email within the newsletter. Most of the code changes made to existing files are simple sql changes.

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Newsletter Products v3.0 updated kornel76 6 Aug 2009  

Corrected instructions and files.
After install on v2.2 RC2 was impossible to create a newsletter because of an error message.

if (empty($module)) {
$messageStack->add(ERROR_NEWSLETTER_MODULE, 'error');
$newsletter_error = true;
The code is not needed.
Its commented out, and works.

Newsletter Products v3.0 kornel76 2 Jul 2009  
Newsletter Products v2.3 wdepot 21 Jun 2008  
Newsletter Products v2.25 wdepot 20 Jun 2008  
Newsletter Products 2.25 wdepot 20 Jun 2008  
newsletter products v2.20 emmetje 3 Apr 2008  
newsletter products v2.10 azer 1 Apr 2008  
1064 issue sunrise99 1 Apr 2008  
FIX: wrong name in query field Rudesindus 12 Feb 2008  
FIX alexosp 6 Sep 2007  
Newsletter Products 2.0 scottyb 22 May 2007  
Prices and special prices added + Price Break contribution fix milerwan 20 May 2007  
Contribution support nenad.bulatovic 31 Aug 2006  
Admin Error Fix homewetbar 1 Aug 2005  
Newsletter Products scottyb 29 Jul 2005