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for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

During testing of my "shop-to-be", I got tired of signing on each time. Furthermore the enthousiastic greeting from the standard OSC-software, calling me by name, but not really knowing who I was, became rapidly annoying. And when it annoys me, it probbably also annoys my customers! And annoyed customers is *not* what I want...

This contribution provides a way to deal with this. Basically, next to the email-address (which is already stored in a cookie by standard OSC-software), it also stores the password (security: see readme.txt). When the customer returns, this information is used to execute an automatic signin.

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Small change to enable logoff. nstampler 30 Aug 2010  

I just installed the latest release of the autologon contribution in my site. All worked well, except that the logoff page didn't really log me off. Here is a tiny change to make to logoff.php so that the logoff will actually work.

Add this right above // HMCS: End Autologon *****

setcookie("email_address", "", time() - 3600, $cookie_path); // Delete email_address cookie

setcookie("password", "", time() - 3600, $cookie_path); // Delete password cookie

I don't see anywhere to post comments, so I am posting this comment here. The form is forcing me to upload a zip file, so I am uploading an empty one. :-/

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