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for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Here is another contribution to Oscommerce. I was a litle tired of watching to the old design of the administration in oscommerce shops, so I decided to improve that. I think that its ok and more atractive.

I also include in this files, the login / logout for the admin ( se the instructions to install..).
Also included new buttons (Plastic type).
New colors and icons.
See the layout.gif.

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French Translation 20 Aug 2007  

Here the files for a translation in French
Voici les fichiers pour un fonctionnement en Francais du template

Admin Template Dutch Translation 29 Dec 2006  
Buttons :) 14 Dec 2006  
Text updates found. Ignore the previous Post, this is right now :) 14 Dec 2006  
Text updates found :) 14 Dec 2006  
Language files 15 Jul 2005  
ADMIN TEMPLATE 14 Jul 2005