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for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Most Viewed v1.0
by Rui Ferrao

This is a mod of the bestsellers infobox, but showing the most viewed products instead.

Only after doing this i realized there was already another contribution with the same purpose, but i decided to submit this one anyway.

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Most Viewed for BS Hotclutch 18 Jul 2015  

Most Viewed for BS version of osCommerce.

most viewed marquee images - fixed marquee Bluntknife 8 Feb 2007  
With Scrolling Image da_judge 3 Dec 2006  
Most Viewed v1.1 nicko107 4 Oct 2006  
Most Viewed + Images brains74 29 Sep 2006  
Most Viewed Rui Ferrao 17 Apr 2005