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Google Adsense Infobox
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This contribution will allow you to diplay google adsense ads in an infobox in one of your columns.

Mainly for the vertical ads, as they are about the same width as your stores columns and hold the layout of the store.

Only 1 file to upload and a few comments to add.

Very simple to install. Up and running in 5 minutes.

Hope you enjoy!!

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Google Adsense Box v1.1d STS mfg 24 Dec 2006  

add SQL in German language

full Package

Google Adsense Box v1.1c.STS pcwitchdoctor 27 Sep 2006  
Google AdSense Infobox v1.1c KUBICO 6 Jun 2006  
Google AdSense Infobox v1.1b joris.dutmer 17 May 2006  
Google AdSense Infobox v1.1a joris.dutmer 30 Apr 2006  
Google AdSense Infobox v1.1 joris.dutmer 3 Apr 2006  
Google Adsense Infobox Michael Baker 17 Mar 2005