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for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This contribution generates customer and order reports. The reports are attached to an email which may be saved as a csv file. It also
has a module to send emails to your customers automatically. I use this for birthday announcements but it can be edited to
suit any purpose.

All of this is accomplished via cron so this will not work on a Windows server.

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fix repair (file empty) jmpalomo 10 Mar 2006  

in html_output.php is


lo siento por el ingles, soy espaƱol
in' sorry for inglish i spanish

AutoEmailer V_1.4 Jack_mcs 12 Feb 2006  
auto reminder for hanging customers sualojavirtual 27 Jan 2006  
fix for html_output.php pinto192 8 Jan 2006  
AutoEmailer V_1.3 Jack_mcs 23 Dec 2005  
AutoEmailer V_1.3 Jack_mcs 23 Dec 2005