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Peachtree Export CSV
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

by Joe McFrederick / 27 Feb 2005

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I have started the export for Peachtree Accounting. But I need some help on this.

My export will map to this in Peachtree Sales Journal Import
Customer ID Sales Order # Date Ship to Name Ship to Address-Line One Ship to City Ship to State Ship to Zipcode Ship to Country Accounts Receivable Account Sales Tax Code Number of Distributions So Distribution Quantity Item ID Description G/L Account Unit Price Tax Type Amount Sales Tax Authority

**Need to Do**
Still need to work out how to dynamically assign G/L Sales Account for each item. Will probably have to add a row into products for it.
Write to *.csv file in admin directory.
Change date format from yyyy-dd-mm hh:mm:ss to mm/dd/yyyy

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Update: Batch Export Joe McFrederick 27 Feb 2005  

Same as release below, but added batch exporting.
All files with status of "Pending" will be exported to a single .csv file. Added button to admin->orders that when clicked will execute the export. Still included is the single order export which will export regardless of status.
Tested Peachtree Complete Accounting 2003 & 2005

Update Release Complete Joe McFrederick 24 Feb 2005  
Update Joe McFrederick 23 Feb 2005  
Update Joe McFrederick 22 Feb 2005  
Peachtree Export CSV Joe McFrederick 15 Feb 2005