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"SMS Me" - Order Updates by SMS
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

A simple contrib which, having run it myself for many months, gives quite a kick in the customer service stakes. This contrib provides the facility for the shop admin to send order status updates by SMS text message to mobile phones as well as the usual email route. Full install details included and links to a support web site for more info.

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Substitute class for gateway 20 May 2010  

This file replaces the existing the existing sms send class in the contribution to route SMS messages through the gateway instead of the default.

To go through, you'll need both the contrib and this substitute class. Full instructions enclos

Clickatell API_ID ... ochikumb 26 Jun 2009  
Substitute class for Clickatell gateway Thunder Raven-Stoker 29 Jan 2005  
"SMS Me" - Order Updates by SMS Thunder Raven-Stoker 27 Jan 2005  
"SMS Me" - Order Updates by SMS Thunder Raven-Stoker 25 Jan 2005