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Bank Transfer Payment Option
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This is a very simple payment option for people who wish to pay via Bank Transfer.

It allows you input the Account Number and Sort Code, plus the Account Name and Bank Name.

This is then formated for screen and email

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Update for Dutch webshops (IBAN and BIC) marcelmedia 21 May 2014  

Update for Dutch Webshops. With BIC and IBAN code.
Translate to DUTCH.

Complete package (Only Dutch stores)

Tested on oscommerce

All credits to the original coders.

Banktransfer Update May 2014 Tsimi 20 May 2014  
Banktransfer adhisayam 21 Feb 2014  
Banktransfer adhisayam 21 Feb 2014  
Modded Sep 2012 petbeemer 12 Sep 2012  
French translation Palijn 8 Sep 2010  
Updated FIMBLE 10 Feb 2010  
Fixed few minor errors willxp 4 May 2009  
IBAN and swift nocturnae 6 Mar 2009  
Bank Transfer Payment cjkim 7 Jan 2008  
BANK pycckoe-dvd 11 Dec 2007  
NOT WORKING.. congkai 13 Aug 2007  
Sort Number for Bank Transfer Carol Oehler - Happy Dance 15 Jan 2005  
Bank Transfer Nana Asomani-Nyarko 15 Dec 2004  
btrans Ron Dunn 12 Sep 2004  
Bank Transfer Payment Option Phil Townsend 25 Aug 2002