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Ask a question MS2
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Designed for OSC 2.2 MS2

I have used pieces of code from "ASK_A_Question 2.3a"
redesigned something and added spanish language. Now it is in English, German, French and Spanish.

Customers often will not refer to a model number or a correct
product name when asking about a product. This add-on will guarantee the
correct product info and question are sent to the appropriate person.

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Ask A Question RC2a 1 Oct 2008  

Tweaked this package slightly so it will load a logged in users name and email properly under osCommerce RC2a. Also removed requirement for user to be logged in if guests are not allowed to tell a friend. Removed hidden fields and validations for to_email and to_name since this email will always be sent to the store owner. This is based on version 0.1 so users of the other languages posted later may need to reload them.

Tradução Português Brasil 5 May 2007  
Spanish Defines 12 Jan 2007  
Ask A Question1.2 11 Dec 2006  
for hide price if 0$+thema box style+link or button replace box 10 Dec 2006  
Ask a question Dutch Translation 25 Aug 2006  
Anti SPAM update :). Full package v.0.1 11 Jun 2006  
Russian translate 16 Dec 2005  
polish translation 6 Oct 2005  
Ask a question MS2 Amigoo 19 Jan 2005  
This file is broken Rob Hawkes 8 Jan 2005  
Ask a question MS2 Amigoo 8 Jan 2005