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catalog listing
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

The included files will produce a complete listing in html of your sites products - sorted by category and include the retail price. Great for a downloadable or hardcopy catalogue. 2 files are included - one produces a text report, the other includes pictures. I do not pretend to be even a programmer?s rear end but have found these programs very useful. Hopefully the open source community will help this utility evolve!

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fix for php5 and cosmetics changes 4 Sep 2010  

full pack

ps. i need some help to display categories, in print list version

Product listing 1 Apr 2006  
Price List 2.0 (Added currency support) 16 Feb 2006  
*FIX* Multilingual Price List 25 Jan 2006  
Multilingual Price List 24 Jan 2006  
Listado de Catálogo (Catalog listing) 2 Dec 2005  
US Price Format Fix 2 Nov 2005  
Product Listing with price and image En español 15 Sep 2005  
Product Listing with price En español 15 Sep 2005  
Product Listing with price 17 Aug 2005  
catalog listing Paul 5 Jan 2005