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Batch Print Center
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Batch Print Center is a module created to allow batch printing of
invoices,packing slips, labels, christmas cards, or whatever you want really.
The first release version is still classed beta but is fully functional and running
on several live shops already.

It is heavily based on Batch Order Center and also contains code from Print Sticky Labels.

The idea was from one interface be able to print (to Pdf) everything you need
for a smooth running store.

Some Key features are
- Choose a from templates what you want to print
- Choose orders based on status
- Choose orders by order number, range, or combination of both.
- Choose orders between 2 dates (using popup calender)
- Optionally auto-change order statuses.
- Optionally include order date
- Optionally include order number
- Optionally include customer comments posted when the order was placed.
- VERY minimal OSC core file editing. Very modular.
- Templates can be easily shared
- Templates can contain watermarks, images etc etc
- Comes with sample templates for invoices, packing slips, labels, christmas cards, letterheads
combined invoice and packing slip, and a handy grid for testing layouts.

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Batch Print Español ramon_alba 27 Jan 2009  

Traduccion del fichero de lenguaje a español
solo es necesario sustituir el fichero de idioma.
No es el paquete completo

NOTE: If you have trouble opening the attached zip file (it is a rar file actually) try renaming it to batch_print.rar and then open it.

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