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Shipping Surcharge
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This contribution allows you to add an additional charge for shipping based on the country(s) listed in admin. It is based almost entirely upon
the Payment Surcharge contribution.

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UK non-mainland postcode shipping surcharge with secondary surcharge by weight 24 Mar 2009  

UK Postcode Shipping Surcharge Mod, maybe like us you offer free delivery over X amount, but
free delivery to non mainland postcodes just isn't worth it due to the actual shipping costs on
heavier goods!

Well I finally figured the it out and it was easy!

This new version now has the ability to apply a different surcharge if the weight is equal to or under X amount on the below postcodes, or you can set it at a different fee altogether by adjusting the secondary price!
If you, do not need this feature you can simply only use one price, Keeping both surcharge rates the same...

Please take into account when using this extra feauture, your "shipping tare weight", which can be set by logging into Administration, then Configuration, Shipping/Packaging / Package Tare Weight.

Postcodes affected:

JE //Jersey 1-9
GY //Guernsey 1-9
HS //Outer Hebrides 1-9
IV //Inverness 1-9
IV //Inverness 10-36
IV //Inverness continued 40-56
KA //Kilmarnock postcode area 27-28
KW //Kirkwall postcode area 1-3 & 5-9
KW //Kirkwall postcode area continued 10-17
PA //Paisley postcode area 20-49
PA //Paisley postcode area continued 60-78
PH //Perth postcode area 17-26
PH //Perth postcode area continued 30-44
PH //Perth postcode area continued 49-50
ZE //Lerwick postcode area (shetland) 1-3
BT //Belfast Northern Ireland postcode area 1-99
IM //Isle of Man postcode area 1-9
IM //Isle of Man postcode area continued 86-87
IM //Isle of Man postcode area continued 99
TR //Isles of Scilly postcode area 21-25

What does this do?

This is just a modification of the original shipping surcharge 1.2 contribution by Jack_MCS
to allow a specified surcharge to be added when a customer's UK postcode is outside of mainland UK.


Simply unpack the zip archive and then enable within the administration side under modules/order total, please make sure you have the correct sort order as seen the pic attached.

If upgrading from a previous version simply replace the 2 files included and then log into admin > modules > ordertotal > this mod > and click remove then re-install for the extra configuration options.


1: The postcode checking could be better maybe, but at the moment it's working fine, as at first I was having some issues with it.

Thanks for the help in getting started on this by Jack_MCS and FWRmedia.

Forgot to include in the below pack earlier.. 23 Mar 2009  
Non UK Mainland Postcode Shipping Surcharge Mod 23 Mar 2009  
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