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Specials Administration fix
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This is basically what I consider a bug fix. I always thought it odd that when changing the status on a special the special did not stay selected on the administration screen nor did a newly added special become the selected special. Milestone 2 partially fixed the first problem but failed to pass all of the necessary information along when you click the status buttons. This file has both problems fixed. Now when you change the status of any special that special will become the default special displayed on screen, ready for you to click the edit button to modify the price or expiration. This is very handy if your store is like ours and puts items on special with an expiration date and then later runs a new special on the same item after the first special for the item has expired. And now any new special that you add will become the default special displayed on screen making it easy to double check the special price and expiration date. To install, simply replace the specials.php file in the admin folder with this one.

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Specials Administration Fix 30 May 2008  

This is basically what I consider a bug fix. Problems fixed:

1) If you update the status of any special that is not on the first page of specials the first page of specials is displayed with no selected special. This contribution fixes the problem by passing the current page number along with the other information to the status update link.

2) Updating specials doesn't automatically make them active. This contribution updates the status to active along with the other updates that may be made.

3) Specials expire at the very beginning of the day set by the user. This contribution adds an expiration time to the expiration date so sale prices will not expire until the end of the day.

4) Newly created specials are not made the currently selected special which can make it hard to verify the information just entered. This contribution adds code that determines the new special id and the page it will appear on so that when it is inserted it will be displayed as the currently active special on the page in which it is to be found.

You can install by either replacing the specials.php file or by following the instructions in the text file if you have made other modifications.

Specials Administration Fix 6 Oct 2005  
Specials Administration fix Kevin L. Shelton 23 Nov 2004