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Products Purchased with Date Range
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Use at your own risk. Backup first. This works for me, but there is no guarantee it will work for you.

This report pulls information from orders_products instead of products to display what products have been purchased, and how many have been purchased. This report adds the option of specifying a date range, so that you can see how many of each product has been sold over a specific period of time.

Just replace admin/stats_products_purchased.php with the new file.

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v4.4 additional note kru 2 Feb 2015  

If the added Payment Method logic creates problems for you, simply comment out lines 158-161 in the admin/stats_products_purchased.php file. This won't remove the "Sort by payment method" checkbox but it will render it useless.

Please note that version 4.3 and 4.4 both assume you are doing a fresh install. Any comments in the documentation with regards to updating from a previous version do not apply. If you have a previous version, you need to replace both your admin/stats_products_purchased.php file and your admin/includes/languages/english/stats_products_purchased.php file. If you have made any custom changes to this program, you will need to make them in the new files.

This is a complete package for English language. However, please read the text for the previous version for complete details on changes that have been made in v4.4.

stats_products_purchased_v4.4 Date Range (English) kru 2 Feb 2015  
stats_products_purchased_v4.3 English kru 28 Jan 2015  
Missing Definitions Actionwerx 22 Dec 2010  
missing file in the previous version leirisset 16 Jan 2010  
Products Purchased With Date Range v4.2 leirisset 16 Jan 2010  
stats products purchased v4.1 alexjudd 7 Jan 2009  
stats products purchased v4 19 Nov 2008  
Logout Fix (if applicable) chrish123 20 Oct 2008  
Bugs have been fixed properly web-project 5 Aug 2008  
fix php5 armantine 8 Sep 2007  
stats_products_purchased_v3_updated insomniac2 9 Sep 2006  
Stats Products Purchased v2f dave111 9 Sep 2006  
stat products purchased 4 Derrick 16 Jun 2005  
stat products purchased 3 Blacktower 17 May 2005  
6 May 2005 - bug fix Kingsley Bugarin 6 May 2005  
stat_products_purchased_2d Jari Ivanoff 7 Mar 2005  
Products Purchased with Date Range - Update 2C Dan Sullivan 13 Dec 2004  
stats products purchased 2b Joe Dougherty 12 Dec 2004  
Products Purchased with Date Range - Update 2 Dan Sullivan 1 Dec 2004  
Products Purchased with Date Range - Update Dan Sullivan 26 Nov 2004  
Products Purchased with Date Range Dan Sullivan 28 Oct 2004