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Discount for Payment Type
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This order total class gives a percentage discount based on the payment type used.

So if you want to give Credit Card payments a discount you can,

Payment type is set in admin, and you can also set a minimum order amount before the discount is given.

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Discount for Payment Type 1.3 quetevendo 30 Dec 2014  

Payment Type Charge is compatible with PHP 5.3.
I just repaired a php error.
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Discount for payment type v1.2 John Howell 20 Jan 2004  
Discount for payment type v1.1_fr fram 1 May 2003  
Discount for payment type v1.1 Ian C Wilson 11 Aug 2002  
Discount for Payment Type v1.0 Ian C Wilson 11 Aug 2002