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Customer Export
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Released due to great demand, this contribution exports all customer data into an excel spreadsheet which is saved to the
area that you designate. This permits a store owner to download his customer data and view it in Excel.

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Customer Export 27 Mar 2012  

Customer Export

Full package with french 7 Nov 2009  
Full package v. 1.5 2 Dec 2007  
Full package with fixes 9 Nov 2007  
Fixed only 20 results in TXT file. 15 Sep 2007  
Customer Export v1.4 - Typo 26 Jul 2007  
Customer Export v1.4 19 Jul 2007  
Customer Export v1.4 19 Jul 2007  
Export To MS Excel Sheet 14 Jan 2007  
Customer_Export1_3 10 Dec 2006  
tab de-limited version 15 Nov 2006  
GetsCode to show the zone name. Mark Johnson 23 Jun 2005  
Code to export the state Erik Blazynski 1 Mar 2005  
Where is the State Fix? Stacey Tipton 19 Feb 2005  
State Field Fix Desirae 24 Oct 2004  
Small Fix for an awesome contribution! HAKAPAT 29 Jul 2004  
Customer Export Yurik Stembr 26 Jul 2004