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Star Product v1.0
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Star Product, add to your main page a new box under your welcome text (you can replace this text with this contrib) with one featured product.

This box have the title, description, product image and two buttons: "info" and "buy now"

The description is limited to a number of characters if it exceds a "read more" link appears.

You can select the star product by the admin side.

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choose more star product and this display random in index page 12 Jan 2011  


1- Replace file star_product.php in catalog/admin/ with this in contribution not in catalog/admin/includes/modules path.


choose more star product and this display random in index page 10 Jan 2011  
Correction... 25 Jan 2009  
Starproduct pimped2 13 Jan 2009  
Star Product v1.61 Tooltip 23 Sep 2008  
Star Product Tooltip Update 7 Sep 2008  
Star Product Tooltip 6 Sep 2008  
Starproduct Pimped 25 Aug 2008  
Star Product v1.0 with mods 15 Jan 2008  
product status mod 9 Aug 2007  
Star Products 1.6 4 Dec 2006  
Star Product v 1.6 27 Sep 2006  
Star Product v 1.5c 15 Aug 2006  
Star Product v1.5b-Admin side update 14 Jan 2006  
Star Product v1.5a 13 Jan 2006  
Star Product 1.5a 13 Jan 2006  
SQL problem 16 Nov 2005  
Another quick fix :-( Iván Prieto 13 Dec 2004  
quick update André 15 Nov 2004  
Start Product v1.5 Jasmin 14 Nov 2004  
Star Product v1.4 Iván Prieto 12 Aug 2004  
Star Product v1.3 Iván Prieto 5 Aug 2004  
Star Product v1.2 Ivan Prieto 22 Jul 2004  
Star Product v1.1 Ivan Prieto 12 Jul 2004  
Wrong SQL file RGF van der Kolk 12 Jul 2004  
Star Product v1.0 Ivan Prieto 11 Jul 2004