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Embargo v.1.0.0
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This contribution for ocCommerce checks if a specific country may not be delivered.
Setting which country has an embargo is done in the admin area.

As I lunched a store at to sell traditional bavarian schnaps, I ran into the problem, that some countries are prohibiting sending alcohole via postal services (e.g. the United States).
Therefor I wrote this contribution. Customers can register from every country in the world, but the delivery is only allowed in certain countries.
If a user tries to give a delivery adress in a prohibited country, a message occures and he is asked for an alternative adress.
The right german wording would be "Liefersperre" or "Ausfuhrsperre", but I called it "embargo".
Language files are only in german, but there is not much text. Should be easy to translate it.
This is my first contribution, so dont blame me to much ... ;)

Tested with OSC-2.2MS2

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Embargo V1.0.1 gardenho 30 Jan 2013  

Updated to work with php 5.3 on OSC 2.3.3, has NOT been tested on any other configuration.

No code is replaced in original core files from this contrib, you are only adding new code so a fairly safe contrib to try out but BACK UP first!

Perfect contribution to limit shipping to certain countries, without having to delete any of them or mess with customer addresses already in your db. Particularly useful when you need to limit shipping by country temporarily.

english translation smartechno 18 Apr 2010  
Embargo v.1.0.0 Jean v.Oertzen 30 Jun 2004