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6-language pack nice buttons with shadow
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

All buttons are 120 x 23 px with shadows suitable for white and for other very light colors like 10%

black or similar. Only buy_now button have smaller dimension (80 x 23 px).
Blank button included if you need to make any other new button, just open it with your graphic

editor and write any word with font 'tahoma' size 9 - black .
Six languages included
- english
- german
- italian
- hrvatski
- slovensko
- svenska

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added small buttons (for english + german) 11 Oct 2006  

this is the latest 6-pack plus 3 new graphics for the small view-, edit- and delete-buttons (like for example under "my account") for english and german.

6 to 8-pack 10 Jul 2006  
french buttons added robert breithuber 20 Oct 2004  
Fixed some errors BuonArte 10 Jun 2004  
6-language pack nice buttons with shadow BuonArte 31 May 2004