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Oscommerce Skin [ GREY BOX ]
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

by G Burton (aka burt) / 15 May 2004

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This Skin is a fairly good looking skin made available to you. It is tested on MileStone MS2.

Installation should be no more than about 2 minutes tops. Support thread is as per:

Use this skin at YOUR OWN RISK. Please read the README.txt before you do anything else!

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Template Header [ GREY BOX ] G Burton (aka burt) 15 May 2004  

A few new files to overwrite. These files move the search box to the grey header bar.

Install: See the previous install instructions for the Full Skin. Follow them.

Grab this new .zip and overwrite (again).

Done. 20 seconds work.

Oscommerce Skin [ GREY BOX ] G Burton 9 May 2004