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Inactive User
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This small report for admins shows all inactive users.

Inactive means: User Creates an account and never made an order.

You also can see:
Newsletter YES or NO
Customers Name and Mailadress with link to mail him

And you have a button to delete the customer

I need it becuase:
What can I do with a customer never made an order and dose not want to receive my newsletters.

Screenshot is included.

All thanks to Alex Z. becuase he buld the basiscode for this contribution.

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Inactive User Report/Removal version 2.31 wdepot 23 Aug 2014  

Corrected use of $_GET variables that may not exist to allow for them not being set.

This contribution works with any version of osCommerce 2.3.

Complete contribution enclosed.

Inactive User Report/Removal version 2.3 wdepot 2 Nov 2012  
Inactive User Report/Removal version 2.0 wdepot 30 Apr 2011  
Inactive User bugfix wdepot 16 May 2008  
InActive User (Install.txt) iajay 17 Aug 2006  
Inactive User iajay 17 Aug 2006  
Inactive User 1.2 Andreas Kremser 2 May 2004  
Updated v1_1 Alex Zach 1 May 2004  
Inactive User 1.0 Matthias F 30 Apr 2004  
Inactive User Matthias F 30 Apr 2004